How does taking Adapt affect your pheromones?

Serotonin helps modulate the chemicals that stimulate pheromones. However, Adapt does not directly stimulate your serotonin. Instead, Adapt lets your body decide what it needs! Adapt opens the pathways that enable the body to better sense how much serotonin it needs.

Why is the secret to Adapt’s potency?

Micronization is the secret! For years, the researchers that first discovered our Adaptenols struggled to find a way to deliver the formula without requiring the user to take handfuls of horse-sized pills. They were stumped for years. Finally, they learned about micronization. This was the answer they’d been searching for! In fact, they soon discovered that their product would be almost ten times more potent in a micronized form. They were ecstatic! Adapt X.1 as you know it was born soon after.

Does Adapt work kind of like a cell tower, sending out signals to your body as needed to increase or decrease your serotonin?

Schematically, yes! Adapt helps enable your body to respond to its receptor’s needs better.

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